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Private Consultation €50

Schedule of Fees

Please find a list of our fees for services provided. If you cannot find a price for a service you are looking for, please contact the practice directly.

Please note, prices are correct at time of posting, however may be subject to change without prior notice.

We accept payment by cash, cheque and all major credit and debit cards.

Payment is required at the time of consultation, we are unfortunately unable to offer credit/billing facilities.

General Services

Please note, additional fees may arise during a consultation for test/procedures - please see below for a broad outline of these fees. Please let us know what services you are looking to book in for so we can allocate the right time slot for you.

General Consultation       €50

(up to 15 mins)

Review Consultation         €30

(Within 2 weeks for same issue or to discuss results)

Nurse Consultation         ~ €30

(varies depending on complexity of issue)

GMS                          No Charge


Over 70s

Under 6 Visit                            (With valid medical/doctor visit card)

Childhood Vaccination

(Primary Childhood Immunisation Schedule)

No Charge

Combined Antenatal care Consult                   No Charge

(pregnancy related visits only, additional visits will incur a fee)

Garda Doctor of Choice Scheme                     No Charge

(Consultation only - additional services will incur a fee)

Additional Services/Fees

Standalone visits or as part of a consultation where specified.

Please note, whilst we will try and accommodate additional services during a consultation, this may not always be possible.

Blood tests must have been ordered by a doctor during a consultation.

Blood tests ordered by a private consultant may incur an additional administrative fee.

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